15, 05, 18
Best Kids App Brands

Good apps for children

As the creator of the Good App Guide, I am regularly asked to recommend apps for children. In amongst the…

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28, 03, 18

UX in Games: Can games be both challenging and easy to use?

I spend a lot of my time supporting the development of games for children: educational apps, EdTech, console games &…

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19, 03, 18
screen time child on ipad

Part 2: How does screen time really affect child development?

Children's screen time, whether that's on iPads, smartphones, TV, games consoles, computers or other tablets, can feel like a permanent…

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15, 03, 18

Are We Doing Enough to Engage Our Kids with Science & STEM?

As British Science Week is nearing the end, I can’t help wondering whether the messages are actually getting through -…

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08, 03, 18

Part 1: How does screen time really affect child development?

As parents many of us feel excessively guilty when we resort to screens either as a virtual babysitter or succumbing…

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10, 01, 18

Why Choose STEM Subjects?

I really enjoyed speaking to Year 8 at Chalfont Community College today about STEM and why they should choose STEM…

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Lucy Gill is a freelance consultant operating as Digills Consulting. She is passionate about supporting the development of great digital products for children. Contact Digills at: info@digills.co.uk