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Best Kids App Brands

As the creator of the Good App Guide, I am regularly asked to recommend apps for children. In amongst the hundreds of terrible apps, there really are many, many apps of exceptional quality, some with huge potential to support learning. I cannot possibly cover them all so I have selected some of my favourites for each age range.

For age-specific ideas:

  • Under 5s
  • 6 – 8
  • 9 – 11

More generally, here is a list of some of my favourite children’s app brands, who consistently produce apps of a trustworthy, high quality. These are in no particular order. (See *disclaimer)

  • Edoki Academy: Providing a very high-quality range of apps, including those suitable from 2 – about 9 years old. Many of the apps are based on the Montessori teaching method. It’s hard to pick favourites, I’ve witnessed many children learning and having hours of fun and learning with these apps. The Montessori Preschool app is certainly worth the subscription (and still suitable for Reception age children) and I particularly love Busy Water and the Busy Shapes range.
  • Tinybop
  • Toca Boca
  • Avokiddo
  • Sago mini
  • Ahoiii
  • Scary Beasties
  • Dr. Panda
  • KeyStage Fun
  • Labo Lado
  • Fox & Sheep
  • Story Toys
  • EduGuru
  • Originator


UNDER MAINTENANCE – please check back soon


*Disclaimer: Please note that whilst I may well have met people from these companies and, in some cases, they’ve given me free apps to try, the recommendations in this article are entirely my own opinion based on experience, observation of children playing them and my own analysis.

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