Maths – Primary & Pre-school Homeschooling Resources

While COVID-19 is keeping children home from school, if you’re anything like me the prospect of keeping them entertained and ideally educated if pretty scary!

There is a lot being circulated regarding homeschooling and I don’t wish to add to the pile. However, if you are looking for a quick summary of options for Maths (Primary and Pre-school) look no further…

I am compiling a range of additional support for those homeschooling including similar suggestions for English homeschooling with others coming soon.

Maths – Full Curriculum (Digital)

I’ve seen a LOT of maths apps/online services over the years that offer a full curriculum and several are very good. If your school has not provided one for your child, then these are my suggestions. No service is ever perfect but, in my opinion, these do a good job of teaching and entertaining children:

Primary School ages:

Prodigy – FREE with paid options (Suitable for all Primary ages): This is an online Maths service which incorporates maths questions targeted at your child’s year group with gamification. It tends to be very popular with children and is easy for parents to track progress. Prodigy have announced various COVID-19 support such as free online maths tutors.

Other Maths websites include: MyMaths, Mathletics, Khan Academy and IXL (do comment if you find others you particularly like).

Pre-school Ages:

EduGuru – currently £2.99 for the Maths + English bundle on itunes: If you have a 3 – 5 year old, then the EduGuru Maths (and English) apps are based on the UK curriculum and cover all the different areas. Definitely worth a look.

Maths Apps for specific topics:

These apps or app brands provide something fun and educational for specific maths topics (rather than a full curriculum), all the apps have a small one-off charge:

Slice Fractions 2: I really love this award-winning app! It makes it easy and fun for children to grasp the idea of fractions. The game involves clearing a path for a little Mammoth by dropping the right size object onto barriers on the ground – e.g. slicing the right sized fraction of an ice block.  I’ve seen children enjoy this as young as Year 1 with a bit of help and it’s still fun for Year 4 age and above.

Dragon Box: There are a series of maths apps for different ages and areas of maths including Numbers, Big Numbers (long addition/subtraction), Algebra, Geometry and Chess. They have something for children from 5 – 12+. Really high quality and good fun.

Squeebles: Key Stage Fun offer a range of ‘squeebles’ apps across Maths (and English) and again are created in the UK for the UK curriculum. They cover addition & subtraction, fractions, number bonds, times tables, multiplication & division, and telling the time.

Pre-school / EYFS Maths Apps:

Hey Duggee – The Counting Badge: If you have a Hey Duggee fan at home then the Hey Duggee – The Counting Badge app is a great choice for learning early years maths skills for pre-school or Reception age children. I have to admit a little bias as I worked on this app but it has received a number of awards suggesting I’m not the only one who rates it!

Fiete: Ahoii provide a range of great apps including several related to maths and wider cognitive skills such as matching and picking the odd one out. This is another fabulous brand for pre-schoolers.

Montesorri Pre-school: If you are looking for a single subscription service for pre-schoolers/Reception age then I highly recommend Montessori Pre-school by Edoki Academy. This covers Maths as well as every other subject across the curriculum and is based on the Montesorri principles of learning through play.

Logic & problem solving skills…

ThinkRolls – Avokiddo: If you want to give your child some fun that helps to stretch their logic and problem solving skills then the range of ThinkRolls apps provided by Avokiddo are fantastic. ThinkRolls Space is their most recent but there are many others – all good.

Maths offline resources

Even in these difficult times, it is important not to allow your child to spend all their time with their nose in a screen whilst they are home schooling. Also, in my homes, this is clearly impractical as there are simply not enough computers or devices to go round. So here are some tips for offline resources you can print.

Twinkl: Twinkl is an online resource used by thousands of teachers to provide worksheets and lesson plans. They have made their content free in response to the COVID-19 crisis. There are maths worksheets to download for each primary year groups and many other resources available for parents (in every subject). See: Age 5-11 Maths, COVID-19 Support Portal, EYFS Home Learning


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