23, 11, 16

Should Coding Toys Be On Your Child’s Christmas List?

Ever since ‘Coding’ was included in the UK National Curriculum back in 2014 it has been a hot topic within…

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28, 09, 16

How Apps can Support Dyslexic Children

I was delighted to speak on 27th September to parents and teachers at the Richmond Dyslexia Association on the topic…

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04, 07, 16

How Can Tech and App Companies Help Limit Screen Time?

We know how passionate many people are in the app industry about making good quality, fun, educational games for children,…

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27, 06, 16

Raising Kids to Ignore Gender Stereotypes

Girls today may be the first generation able to end the hugely uneven mix of boys and girls going into…

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27, 06, 16

Making YouTube Safe For Your Child

It's been a wonderful week or so surrounding Safer Internet Day (Tues Feb 9th). I’ve had great fun presenting talks…

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23, 06, 16

How children’s industries can help promote STEM amongst girls

According to a survey by E.ON, maths is the favourite subject for children (boys and girls) aged eight to 15 and…

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Lucy Gill is a freelance consultant operating as Digills Consulting. She is passionate about supporting the development of great digital products for children. Contact Digills at: info@digills.co.uk