Preloaded Blog – the Why, When and What of Audience Testing

I have had the great pleasure of working with Preloaded on a range of projects as an Audience Advocate (a great title they came up with that encompasses what I offer so well). Preloaded are, I must say, amongst my favourite companies to work with due to their smart, creative team and eagerness to truly understand the audience for their games. It is a rare skill for a creative agency to recognise the importance of taking time to see the user’s perspective. Many fear this will disrupt the creative process, add unnecessary time and cost, and believe that their experience and instincts are more than enough to cater for their audience. Preloaded have a more enlightened opinion. Whilst they do have exceptional experience and instincts, they recognise that embedding the audience’s perspective in their creative process provides inspiration, scope to trial novel approaches and feedback to help optimise. The results speak for themselves – exceptional games with purpose that players really enjoy.

I was delighted when Preloaded asked me to write an article for their blog to explain why and when audience testing is  appropriate and what you can test at each stage. Whether you are still unconvinced or trying to justify a more audience-centred approach to your colleagues, you will find some useful tips here:

Audience Testing: When, when and what to test

By Lucy Gill

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